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Super Powers of Turmeric

There are a real buzz and trend around Turmeric right now.

A herb from the Ginger family, Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that’s been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine.

Most of us know of ground Turmeric common in Indian cuisine but did you know you can also buy it fresh? Fresh Turmeric is a knobby, orange root kinda similar looking to fresh ginger. And just like ginger, you need to peel the skin off before grating or slicing for cooking.

Among its most important attributes, turmeric contains curcumin, a compound that has been used as a medicinal aid for centuries in Asian countries. All in all, we’ve elected to highlight our favorite benefits of this powder below.

⚜️ It Elevates Dishes:
Turmeric is a common spice in the curry because of its warm and earthy trait. But it can be used to elevate nearly any recipe. It’s mustard and ginger qualities add both heat and a savory flavor, and it also has a bitterness that can help cut through the sweetness to balance out dishes.

⚜️ Keep Your Face Fresh with a Turmeric-Based Skin Solution:
Beyond a cooking ingredient, this spice has been used in many parts of the world as a beauty product. It has been known to help with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. You can even mix turmeric with some oil and lemon juice to help with dry skin.

⚜️ Turmeric Reduces Inflammation:
Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury. When a part of your body is injured, the blood vessels widen and allow more blood flow to the area. This is what makes inflamed tissue puffy and red. Because turmeric is rich in curcumin, it can reduce inflammation by blocking enzymes that cause tissue inflammation.

⚜️ Adds Essential Vitamins and Minerals to Any Dish:
Seven grams of this spice can provide over 25% of your daily recommended intake of manganese, which is a mineral that promotes strong bones and brain function. Turmeric is also a good source of iron, fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6.

⚜️ It Provides Antioxidants:
Antioxidants are incredibly important to your health. This defense system works throughout the body to find and eliminate molecules called free radicals, which harm cell membranes and even cause cell death and many types of cancer. Turmeric is a rich source of antioxidants, which may help reduce or even prevent some of the potential damage that free radicals can create.

⚜️ A Spice that Improves Brain Function:
Turmeric contains another compound, aromatic-turmerone, which can increase stem cell growth in the brain. This is believed to improve both spatial and non-spatial memory as well as to support regeneration in neurologic disease.

⚜️Turmeric May Help Mitigate Risk for Chronic Diseases:
The key ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, can be used as a preventive treatment for many diseases, disorders, and other health issues, including Alzheimer’s and some cancers.

✨ Important Tips:

? How to store Turmeric:
Fresh, unpeeled turmeric should be placed in a plastic, airtight bag in the refrigerator, where it will stay fresh for about two to three weeks. You can also chop it into multiple one-time use units and freeze them for up to two months, making sure it is properly packed to ensure that it doesn’t dry out. If you are buying turmeric powder, make sure it is of pure organic variety and store it well in an airtight container.

? How To Use Turmeric:
Indian kitchens have already discovered countless uses for turmeric in their dishes. Considering the number of health benefits it has to offer, this powerful spice can be added to a variety of dishes in order to keep improving the quality of our lives. Add turmeric powder to curries, smoothies, warm milk, salads, stir-fried dishes and in just about any other way you feel like. While there are turmeric supplements also available in the pill form, raw turmeric is considered to be the most effective.