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Following the calling of her heart and with a strong desire to empower new mothers and new parents, Pallavi Gupta, Co-founder R3 Naturals, launched Baby massage to handhold new mothers and new parents to uncomplicate the complicated.

What Is Infant Massage?

Infant massage is a bonding activity between parents and their children. In the most basic terms, infant or pediatric massage refers to the process of stroking the muscles of an infant using a variety of specialized massage techniques. Vocalization, eye-to-eye contact, and other positive behavioral reinforcements are also important components of the massage.

Why Infant Massage?

Around the Globe parents are often exhausted from sleepless nights, feel helpless when the baby cries, and are frustrated with figuring out how to parent their baby without harsh words.

By working together with parents, we aim to offer new mothers a safe space to spend dedicated quality time with their babies, learning how to communicate and touch them with positive and caring movements, and giving them the support to gain confidence in being a mother. We at baby try and build parenting competence supporting parental confidence based upon science-based tools to alleviate stress and frustration, Tools that support baby’s survival through connection and engagement. These tools can be easily learned by the parent and families. Three tools, in particular, are game-changers!

  • Infant massage
  • Understanding Sign Language/Cues
  • Emotional Availability

We believe that all Babies are born with instructions, they are wired for survival. Here is where we learn their language to provide the nurturing touch and human connection for optimal survival. All our classes are Science-based, supporting bonding and attachment to last across the lifespan.

The new parents/Mothers will learn how to massage their babies in each class led by an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor Pallavi Gupta, following a sequence that has been developed over many years and draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology. The benefits are bountiful and can include helping your baby to feel securely attached, more loved, valued, and respected. It can also help to reduce crying and emotional distress and offer relief from wind, colic, constipation, and teething discomfort. There are numerous benefits for parents too, such as feeling closer to your baby, helping to gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behavior, crying and body language, and it provides an enjoyable opportunity to spend one-to-one time with your baby and can help to increase confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby.

Who attends the Baby Massage Workshop?

Participants of the training come from all walks of life and include parents, healthcare professionals, education professionals, and complementary therapists. There are no formal pre-requisites. Just a passion for discovering and sharing the benefits of nurturing touch and an ability to communicate well with parents and infants.

It is never too late to begin massage for your baby. Whether your baby is newborn or several years old, massage can bring immediate and lasting results. Expectant parents who take infant massage instruction in advance are ready to begin this wonderful loving touch right from the start. This ancient parenting practice has been modernized and is in active use today, supported by evidence-based research.

What Makes Our Program So Successful?

  • Uses Current Research: We are constantly reading the latest studies and articles and incorporating new findings into our courses.
  • Understands Newborns: We know that infants have unique physiological needs and limitations, and we tailor our training to accommodate individual babies.
  • Strengthens Families: Through teaching parents infant massage, we teach them to communicate with their babies in a positive, respectful way which leads to a strong family foundation.
  • Promotes Respect: The foundation of our program is love. We focus on the importance and joy of listening to babies and engaging in a powerful but simple interaction that reinforces the value of life.

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