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Sauna Bath And Its Benefits

There’s nothing more relaxing than hitting up the R3 spa and letting all your worries melt away in the sauna. Here you’ll stay in an extremely hot place for a brief period, sweat your heart out, exit feeling refreshed and only a little bit toasted.
Many of you will enjoy these treatments because they feel good after a tough workout or a long day at the office.

Exposure to dry heat in the controlled environment of our sauna for a limited period of time will way relax you giving you several health benefits.

Some of them are :
1. Reduces stress levels
2. Improves muscle and joint recovery
3. Gets you rid of toxins
4. People who you share the sauna with can end up becoming great friends as you relax together and interact
5. Burns calories
6. Boosts Body Immunity
7. It simply feels good on the body.
8. You’ll experience a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

Visit R3 Spa and take a sauna bath and enjoy amazing health benefits of it.