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The Amazing Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful relaxing therapy, which is great for releasing tension in the head, face, neck & shoulder area.

Indian Head Massage has been traditionally used in India for thousands of years. We at R3 Spa use a variety of massage techniques on the head and face, to help release accumulated tension, stimulate circulation, and soothe and re-balance energy flow to aid relaxation. This is either a seated massage or carried out on a massage bed, depending on the therapist you choose to have your treatment with R3 Spa.

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage at R3 Spa?

Our Amazing Indian Head Massage Treatment will:-

? Strengthen the central nervous system and assist all the systems of the body restore and renew themselves.? Increase energy levels.
? Provide relief from tension and migraine headaches
? Lower blood pressure.
? Bring about immediate feelings of peace, relaxation, and calm.
? Provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression and other stress-related conditions
? Increase oxygen and glucose supplies to the brain resulting in optimum brain functioning and higher levels of clarity and concentration.
? Increase blood flow resulting in the dissolution of accumulated toxins within the body.
? Provide immediate relief to aching, stiff and tense deep and superficial muscles located in the upper back, shoulder and neck areas.
? Enable energy cleansing and balancing of specific marmas (pressure points) located in the head.
? Stimulate the three major head chakras helping to restore and balance mind, body, and spirit.
? Promote hair growth and hair luster.
? Reduce premature balding and greying.
? Promote calm and relaxed sleep encouraging a natural sleep pattern.
? Maintain electro-chemical balance which provides rejuvenation and longevity.
? Increase the secretion of hormones necessary for the growth and development of the brain.