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Why should you massage your infant?

Infant massage is a way for you to gently nurture and spend time with your baby. Baby massage is gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body with your hands. You can use oils or a moisturizer to help your hands to glide smoothly over your baby’s skin.

Infant massage has many positive ways for babies. But the importance isn’t just physical. Massage can help both infants and parents relax. It also enhances parent-child bonding between mom and baby, dad and baby, or both by providing a context for positive, attentive interaction. Since newborn babies can’t communicate in the traditional sense, infant massage supports parent-child communication by encouraging parents to read and respond to their baby’s needs and feelings, as expressed through verbal and nonverbal cues.

Infant massage can have various health benefits:

♦ Encourage interaction between you and your baby
♦ Help your baby relax and sleep
♦ Positively affect infant hormones that control stress
♦ Reduce crying
♦ Becoming more confident in handling their child and better at recognizing their needs.
♦ Improved positive interaction with their baby.
♦ A great way for partners, family members, and carers to bond with baby.
♦ Improved sleep for their baby.
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